Igor Butman Music Group

Igor Butman Music Group

About this project

Since late 2019, I’ve represented Russian saxophone player Igor Butman in The Netherlands. However, since I’m technically not a booking agent, I am essentially producing and promoting shows and opportunities for him in the broadest sense of the word. Of course, that includes a show in the near future; in 2022, delayed and continuously postponed but never canceled, we hope to bring him to the biggest auditorium in the country.

Through IBMG, which is run by Mr. Butman and encompasses 10 jazz festivals in Russia as well as Jazz Across Borders, Russia has also joined the World Jazz Network. The Igor Butman Quintet will perform at the hybrid edition of Amersfoort Jazz in October 2021 alongside a hand-picked Russian laureate.

In late summer and fall 2021, I am working to promote Igor Butman’s endeavors in the European press as he gets ready to release a new album with Matt Brewer, Eddie Gomez and Antonio Sanchez, as well as celebrate a shared 60th birthday with Wynton Marsalis. Their gang of friends is joined by Patti Austen and Till Brönner among others, so there’s a lot of stories to tell here.
For American press inquiries, please contact friend and colleague Lydia Liebman who is much better at serving those territories 🙂

As a media and partnership director for World Jazz Network I also work to preserve and acquire new opportunities for (Russian) jazz musicians in partner countries.