Szczecin Jazz Festival

Szczecin Jazz Festival

About this project

Szczecin Jazz is the Gaule of Europe when it comes to jazz festivals. Despite the world being in crisis and a pandemic raging the globe, they managed to put on a jazz festival in February of 2021 – and asked me to promote it!

I decided to brand it for what it was: Europe’s first hybrid jazz festival of the year. And with an international lineup, no less.
Over the course of a few days, we secured 18 mentions across 10 countries and partnered up with Jazzed (DE/UK), JazzCorner (USA) and Jazz in Europe.

Curtain Calls – Behind the Scenes of Szczecin Jazz was the first Curtain Calls series as well, created to promote the festival’s live streams. In five episodes, we took viewers behind the scenes of the festival, into a city, and into venues they might otherwise not have been able to visit. Of course, we introduced them to backstage crew and artists as well. The result? 1,5 million views totaling an incredible 850 000 live-streamed minutes watched. I cried when I heard, not gonna lie.

As time moves onto the next adventures, I am still representing Sylwester Ostrowski and have continued to secure features and interviews for his projects. In July 2021, we are launching the first Italian Jazz Gala under the name ‘A Night in Anzio’, and will present a European tour ending in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, where he is featured as International Artist in Residence in August.