I’m a NOWIE mentor!

December 10, 2022

In an effort to stick to my own content calendar advice, I’m determined to keep this blog up to date. Consider it an early New Year’s resolution, if you will. And there is plenty to talk about; for starters, I’ve been selected as a NOWIE mentor! NOWIE stands for Network Of Women In Events and was founded in the UK. Their new program, Level Up, aims to help mid-career women in the event industry move on up, as the name suggests.
I haven’t worked on the other side of the pond in way too long, but it’s no secret that I’d like to. Supporting the next generation of women in event production is an awesome way to make a next step in that direction, and I’m very excited about it.

When I started out almost 15 years ago, there were women in the industry, but the climate was very different. In my memory, it was somehow bitchier, and I often felt intimidated. Perhaps I feel better now because I’m older, but I definitely still cherish working with female role models today. The thought that I might be that to someone one day fills me with a mixture of glee, pride, and, ahem, anxiety. I hope I’ll do right by my mentee. I cannot wait to meet them and start sharing thoughts, ideas, and plans for the future.


More soon, I promise!



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