Curtain Calls: online promo with many firsts

Curtain Calls: online promo with many firsts

About this project

Curtain calls is a project developed in collaboration with Jazz In Europe. It is a series of video interviews produced as lead promotion for an event or festival, in which key figures are introduced to the audience by a vlog host (me).

Through a minimum of 3 episodes, we take viewers behind the scenes of venues around the world and introduce them to behind-the-scenes people and locations that help make the event or festival that hosts the series. Episodes air on Wednesdays at 8pm CET, either every week or however often festivals or other clients see fit.

Feel like checking it out? Why not watch the series we did in Poland, at Szczecin Jazz, in February 2021! It was the first one we ever did (and another one with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw would follow), the first time we experimented with online media like this, and the first time we took so much time, effort, and energy (ok, and nerves, I was terrified!) for what I jokingly called my new favorite Scrabble word; ‘prepro-promo’. It was worth it, though, as the runner-up PR campaign was viewed 30,000 times and the 2021 festival, the first hybrid one of the year, gathered a booming 1.5 million views!

It was an absolute thrill of online promo for me, and a PR adventure that will probably stay one of my favorites forever. Playing around with online marketing, without spending any money on advertising, and achieving this… it’s a great joy. If you want to do that again, please let me know!