Eran Har Even – EU release PR

Eran Har Even – EU release PR

About this project

Guitarist Eran Har Even reimagines eight of Wayne Shorter’s timeless masterpieces on Shorter Days, out on January 18. Featuring up-and-coming bassist Omer Govreen and sought-after Dutch drummer Wouter Kühne, Eran offers fresh interpretations of classics such as Nefertiti and Lost in trio format.

Inspired by Shorter’s inimitable legacy as well as his outlook on life, the Israeli-born, Amsterdam-based guitarist brought his trio into the iconic Roode Bioscoop to record the ultimate homage to his hero. 

“Over the last three years, a profound desire compelled me to embark on a journey of rediscovery, one deeply rooted in the timeless artistry of Wayne Shorter. Immersed in the intricate compositions that comprise his musical legacy, I found myself simultaneously delving into the very essence of his ideology and way of life. What emerged was a vast, boundless sea of inspiration, not only in the realm of music but also as a means to unearth a deeper understanding of myself,” Eran elaborates. 

The result is a collection of creative adaptations and new arrangements that embrace Shorter’s swinging versatility while carefully, playfully, and skillfully leaving his fingerprints on this vital part of jazz heritage. 


Coverage includes Jazzism Magazine (NL), JazzFM UK, Cazkolik (TR), All About Jazz (USA), CouleursJazz (FR), Lira Magasin (SE) and JazzMania (BE), totaling a record 20 pending or confirmed placements that we hope to turn into published articles before the end of February 2024.